Massage therapy school clinics and practicing massage therapists are invited to participate in a research project. This project is an analysis of documentation used in massage therapy clinics and in professional practice. This project is being conducted by Virginia Cowen,  PhD, LMT, massage therapist, researcher, and faculty at the Rutgers University Biomedical and Health Sciences School of Health Related Professions. The purpose of this project is to analyze how massage therapy practice is documented in relation to assessments and anticipated treatment outcomes.

Massage therapy school directors and licensed massage therapists in the United States and Canada are invited to send blank forms used in practice to be included in this analysis:

*       Written massage clinic guidelines and procedures

*       Pre-massage health history forms, including pre-massage assessments and procedures

*       Forms or methods used to document what massage treatment was performed

*       Post-massage assessment/follow-up forms

*       Any surveys or assessment tools used to evaluate the impact of massage

Blank forms are needed for this research. Please do not send any patient information.

All forms will be aggregated for analysis. Sharing this information does not bear personal risk or possible harm to you. Neither you, nor your facility will be individually identified.

By emailing your blank documents you are consenting to participate in this research. If you choose to participate in this research, there is no direct benefit to you. The potential benefit to the massage profession is to identify potential data that can be used in future analysis of massage therapy treatment.

If you are interested in participating in this project email copies of the requested documents before January 30, 2016 directly to Dr. Cowen .

If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the IRB Director at (973)-972-3608.

If you know any massage therapy school clinics or practicing massage therapists who may be interested in participating in this research project, please pass along this announcement (in its entirety) to them.


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