Training for Research

There are many different types of research, and training differs based on the type of research participation.

In survey studies, we will ask you to collect information on forms that are provided to you. Therefore, research training will be minimal.

However, some research studies may be more extensive, potentially asking for a significant amount of information from the therapist or from your clients. In these studies, we will ask you to go through more thorough training.

We want to make sure that you have the best training possible to accomplish your participation ethically and with ease.

Current training available:

  • Human ProtectionsFree online course on the protection of human subjects, including a historical perspective on regulations in research.
  • How to Write a Case Report: To guide massage therapists like you through the beginning steps of writing a case study.
  • Obtaining ConsentThe informed consent is the most important part of a research study and deserves special emphasis.
  • Searching the Literature: Tutorial videos demonstrate how to use PubMed to effectively search the literature.


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