How to Write a Case Report

Video Series: Writing a Case Report

  1. Writing a Case Report: Where Do You Start (1 of 5)
  2. Writing a Case Report: Introduction and Discussion Sections–Making Your Case (2 of 5)
  3. Writing a Case Report: Reporting the Case–What to Leave In and What to Take Out (3 of 5)
  4. Writing a Case Report: Research Posters-An Option for Case Presentations (4 of 5)
  5. Writing a Case Report: Experience From the Field (5 of 5)

Case Report Articles

Dr. Jerrilyn Cambron, founder of MassageNet, published an article in Massage Today titled Writing a Case Report: Where To Start intended to guide massage therapists like you through the beginning steps of writing a case study.  As massage therapists, you see what is happening first hand in practice. This knowledge and experience can be shared with others in the healthcare field and a case report is a great way to get that information out there. There will be more resources to come but we hope you find this helpful in getting started.

Also, here are links with information on entering your case study in a contest!

MTF Student Case Report Contest promotes research literacy in massage therapy schools by integrating research into schools’ existing programs. With the support and cooperation of schools, students learn to write a research case report and simultaneously begin to incorporate research into their practice habits.

MTF Practitioner Case Report Contest was developed to encourage the writing of case reports, enabling an opportunity for massage therapists and body workers to develop research skills and enhance their ability to provide knowledge-based massage to the public.


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