Membership Benefits

MassageNet has four categories of membership status: massage therapists, massage therapy students, massage therapy educators or administrators, and researchers. Some people may fit into more than one.  The purpose of this network is to collect information on massage practices, and to share that information with other health care providers and clients. Benefits to you through participation include:


Be included in a core group of progressive massage professionals who collaborate to complete research studies. As a member of MassageNet, you are not required to participate in all research studies. Rather, you are free to choose studies you find interesting and relevant.


Learn about new peer-reviewed massage therapy research and have a channel of communication with other members through the public MassageNet Facebook page to ask questions, share information, and discuss current research relevant to the massage therapy profession.


The MassageNet staff is available to answer your questions and to help you get started on your participation. If you have further questions about which category of membership you best fit into, please contact us today.